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Details: This is a super high quality program which teaches people how to tap into the universe using the Bullseye Method, to really learn how to focus.  Tarot and other techniques are also used. The Comic Strip method is another way of being more precise with their universal requests....and as I say in the book, be "careful what you write or describe!"

If they have self esteem issues, Tarot is used to unlock their true self - their shadow side and they can download the journal template to keep a record of their progress. As they read through the book and become more familiar with Tarot they will get hooked into learning how it works and start their daily readings in their journal....they may even go onto start a Tarot business! The program includes scientific data that shows them how we are connected in the universe and they can go onto to research this themselves.

It may seem quite a lot but the reader can choose which method they would like to use BUT they have to do ONE thing and this is the Secret Tip that is what everyone talks about but is not fully understood why you should do this!

Product Name: Tarot Junction

Package Price: $29.95

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Subject: How to have better life using the Bullseye Method.

Hi [name],

I recently discovered an incredible focusing technique that can help you move mountains if you wish! EVEN IF you’ve tried different types of meditation.

With this method ANYONE can use it to really tap into the creative energy field, the consciousness where we create anything,  yes ANYTHING and become that empowered person that you’re meant to be!

It’ll give you the power to manifest ANYTHING. It will not only discipline your mind and develop your intuitive thought process but you’ll be able to order anything – just like a drive-thru…

But the order is YOUR destiny…

Follow this link….

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Use it to change the life you’re living, improve your confidence, income, health, relationships, memory, learning and manifest anything, a new girlfriend or boyfriend, new job, new house, new car.

In fact, from this point on, you’re going to experience the extra-ordinary like you’ve never done before!

It’s almost like an instant refresh on the soul because it will touch the very inner core of your being, your soul!

Discover it here…

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This incredible secret causes your subconscious mind to connect to the universe easily, which is where it is always connecting and talking to but now YOU control what your subconscious talks to.

And this leads to you living a fuller life, living the life you’ve always wanted to and being the person that you truly are.. 

..not the false persona that is there to please everyone

And you could start seeing results as soon as you start. You will learn to recognize and release that creative potential that has been locked away deep deep inside, frightened to emerge.

Imagine what it will feel like when you start to live your life the way YOU choose and change direction, perhaps you decide to change career and unleash the burning passion of ideas that have been locked up for so long…well I’m telling you, now is the time to do it.

Don’t miss this opportunity, follow this link: 

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Kind regards

Your Name

P.S The information on this page here contains some slightly controversial secrets. So I’m not sure how long it’ll stay online for. Make sure you use this information for good (and not for manipulation).

Use this wisely and check it out before it’s taken down:

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Subject: Achieve any goal using the Bullseye Method

Hi [name],

I recently discovered an incredible technique to tap into the universe and order ANYTHING we desire.

It will change everything for you in your life, EVEN IF you’ve tried meditation and positive thinking. I’m telling you this one secret tip will show you WHEN the right time is to order and ask for anything and be granted it.

This will also strengthen and discipline your mind and because you’ll be able to only allow thoughts by selection your life will change at an alarming rate.

You’ll learn how to break down barriers and open up your intuition using the Tarot to gain access to the other worlds we live in.

Follow this link….

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This will shock your friends and relatives for whatever you seem to do it starts to work for you. You’ve changed, your more happier and seem content. You’re not afraid to be who you are!

In fact, from this point on, friends may even say that they don’t ‘recognize’ you anymore…now be warned of this as you may lose some, because you see a lot of people like it when you’re no truly happy or doing really well for yourself and living your dream life.  It’s just the way people are. 

It’s almost like they don’t want you to get on because the real reason is that they fear that they will be left out in the cold…it’s their choice though, they can change too.

It’s your turn to shine….don’t wait a minute longer.

Discover it here…

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This incredible secret causes a snowball affect and will open up so many avenues and opportunities for you because you are in a different ‘space’ now and you are attracting the good things in life.

This leads to a more fulfilled life beyond your wildest dreams and once you get into the mindset you will be living a totally different life.

And you could start seeing results straightaway because your mind is not being allowed to drift and so little by little as you practice these methods you will start to feel different and synchronicity starts to happen frequently…it’s weird!

Imagine what it will feel like now you’ve broken free of the limiting chains that have enslaved you. You can now start to unlock your destiny and live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Don’t miss this, follow this link:

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Kind regards

Your Name

P.S The information on this page here contains some slightly controversial secrets. So I’m not sure how long it’ll stay online for. Make sure you use this information for good (and not for manipulation).

Use this wisely and check it out before it’s taken down:

[Insert Link]


Subject: How to unlock your potential using Tarot.

Have you ever been worried about life passing you by and wishing that you had done a lot of things years ago when you were younger?

You know what I’m talking about, that feeling of emptiness and nothingness when you realise that you’ve gotten to this point in your life and that you’ve given your life to everyone else and put yours on hold.


You may be in a rut and can’t figure things out and everything seems complex and too may people are having a say as to what you should and should not be doing?

If this is you or you’re in a similar situation it’s never too late and it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are….

….I know because this was me too…..

….Until I discovered this incredible secret.

It’s the number 1 way to unlock your potential for living a life of your dreams…for the rest of your life!

[Insert Link]

If you just learn what Diane talks about,  it’s like having a magic ability to change everything.

This is so strong that even if you don’ believe in it, your life can still change to how you want it to.

But Tarot Junction goes deeper than that. Using the Tarot you will learn to use the cards as an archetype to raise your self esteem and change the person you are now.

You could go even further and start to read the Tarot cards for yourself…..I’ve included a Journal for you to download and record your daily sessions.

I HIGHLY recommend that you check this out.

Don’t miss this while it’s still  online.

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This works even if you know nothing about meditation, manifestation or tarot…in fact it’s better.

Imagine what it’s going to feel like when you can quit your job and start working in your dream job.

Or when you start to speak up for yourself and decide that enough is enough because you are in control now of what you do.

What I really love about this manifestation secret is that it is so easy that you miss it if you don’t know what to look for.

Follow this link…

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Best regards,

Your Name

P.S. The reason why so many people  aren’t living their dream life is because they don’t understand this meditation secret…the powerful and rich do…they don’t want you to know so..

Discover it here…

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